Fayza A. Elmostehi

Marketing Manager in Austin, Texas

Fayza A. Elmostehi

Marketing Manager in Austin, Texas

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There's only one Fayza. And you've found her.

You want something done? I'm your girl. I move the needle. I push the envelope. I make waves. I'm your one-stop shop.

I'm a digital marketing and communications professional with a law degree. I'm a published writer with a background in negotiation and mediation. I'm a public speaker with user engagement, brand evangelism, and management chops. I'm a relationship builder with event planning know-how. I'm a digital strategist with a heaping helping of community management and social media skills. I'm a leader and a team player.

But what does that all mean? Excellence via integration. My approach to a job well done begins with my diverse background and ends in the implementation of a comprehensive strategy to take business and organizational objectives to the next level. (Yes, I'm that good.)

I believe the Internet exists to connect us online—and offline. I'm a big fan of it because I'm a big fan of communicating with people. People are why I do what I do best. My strengths are in online (and offline!) community management, brand awareness and brand evangelism, public speaking, digital marketing and digital communications, social media strategy, user engagement, and online journalism.

I love to write. I love to discover. I love to learn. I love to share that wealth. I love to authentically connect with people on a one-on-one level, no matter what the medium—because how else should we connect? Let's do it for real, or let's not do it at all. I believe experiences online should strike a chord and be acutely personal, no matter how many people you're trying to reach.

The Internet is a wonderful thing. But what's even more remarkable is what the Internet can do for us—personally and professionally. Not only do I know how to work the Internet, I know how to make it work for me. And you.

Specialties: Social media and social networking, strategic digital communications, community management, brand evangelism, user engagement, relationship building, consulting, event planning, writing for publication, public speaking, digital media, digital strategy, online marketing, mediation, negotiation.

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